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Aspiring to earn some extra income? We are offering you the opportunity to hook up with matured women across India who are looking forward to paying you in return for you keeping their company, cuddling them, giving them the passion they desired and showing them the love they so much desired.

Due to our ever increasing client base,we are seeking the services of responsible, honest and matured young men to be a Male Escort to our clients.Our boys are showered with prized gifts, money and love by rich women across India.

We have accomplished and professional women working in all spheres of life from banks, oil industries, IT women, rich students, diplomats and housewives dying to pay you to keep them satisfied.

Our Effort

Our membership packages are reasonably priced so as not to discourage potential boys. The received membership costs goes into your training and equipping to professional, responsible and active gigolos and male escorts. We spend huge amount of money maintaining our online presence through our website and also on getting across to the numerous clients when the want us to contact them.

Take up this exciting and fun oriented challenge and get access to top class women. Imagine the feeling of getting paid by women for spending time with them in a world where the reverse case is most popular.

We are training young men in the art of male escort and gigolo. We will hone your communicative skills and turn you a jewel in the eyes of women.

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